Saturday, 30 July 2011

Shameless Broadcast of a Road Trip-4

Let us take a break sir it has been a while,
ok, soon, as soon as we find something worthwhile, 
then a few miles down the aisle,
on left looks a resort built on tile,
but turns out college one of the pile,
nothing in there sir looks like empty mile.
Outside is better, there is Parle-g and Bristile,
frown is his look the student child,
says he is a local goon but likes our style,
offers his pocket in exchange for what he says has been a good while,
also representing enterprising kaka hangin on his small stile,
all are reasonable with the things they own,
ask where you from and where do you rush to in this style,
I say, Delhi, because,
Time is to me. Space it’s unto you.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Shameless Broadcast of a Road Trip-3

The Banas king waiting outside said coffee will be fine,
for I don’t drink either whisky nor chai.
The two shots’d already given me a nice high,
crazy villager I thought would not recognize,
but he did not drink the cup I said was chai.
Never mind the road is smooth,
The hard working chief’s gift,
He calls it’s for you, your brothers,
the state the whole nation.
Rather anyone I am so open,
so come out in the open,
the road all yours,
walk, sit on it, buy a car if you can,
but Banas king has some other notions,
sees beautiful girls asking for lift,
give them sahib if you can,
Can’t, I said my friend,
This is Mehsana and there are too many of them,
Time is to me. Space it’s unto you.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Shameless Broadcast of a Road Trip-2

Not sure to do it alone,
but at dusk the Banas king he mobiles me,
reminds me, “don’t we have to go?”
I says okey, “let me wash my face if so”.
Took rungs about the ring road,
finally find the banas ka king , the same rural hoe,
but a friend of yore,
looking to find himself even more.
This reminded me of another friend then,
so I go to the doctor to borrow the latest handi cam,
lightest in weight and heaviest in definition,
also took some whiskey shots,
saying, “so long see you soon,
I am back on the road”.
Still I offer two hoes could be three,
but the doctor says you go,
I have a family, golf, pussy and a dog,
City of Gandhinagar, I don’t know an ego?
Well, you go,
Time is to me. Space it’s unto you.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Shameless Broadcast of a Road Trip-1

'Shameless Broadcasting' is what I should have probably named this blog. This comes to my mind after Refugi mentions this is what we should do, from now onwards, to overcome the guilt of badly written posts as well as to keep in pace with the times. Also, I am jubiliated by the fact that through this kind of writing I have a chance to express myself un-opinionated and internally uncensored. Anyhow, the present name of this blog 'Bend' intends to achieve some adverbial connotations, and has been sufficient a name since beginning; and, I now feel more strongly acknowledges truth with a sense of sublimity.
Now, improvising on this new insight given to me by my Band co-existent Shri Pankaj Refuji Khanna, I am attempting a series of posts in a prosey-poem form, with the same shameless spirit of writing, and therefore would like to call it 'Shameless Broadcast of a Road Trip'. This prose poem is about a week long road trip I took in a Swift Maruti covering parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Map below, I will post blogs as I dole out paragraphs until I am shamelessly, if not sufficiently, satisfied.

This time they did not stop me,
neither I ‘sked nor they could,
crazied by a crazy steel crafter from Banas,
farmer also he asks me really if we would.
He busses himself to Ahmedabad,
tho’ last night bussing to Nadiad,
and when I gave him only a notion,
over the telecommunication,
that the road trip tomorrow is to happen,
he asks for a small postponement, and I say, “no”,
Time is to me. Space it’s unto you.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


It was one lazy night, and I had to do this- pictures below - how a line (a-line-n) can be turned or twisted to make anything. Alien, man, dog and off-shoots.