Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Shoddy journalism

Do you care if a hawker sold four samosas to a tourist for 200 dollars? BBC does. And many of the so called enlightened Indians too, who moan that foreigners are indeed vulnerable to cheating in the country. I think otherwise, but it’s a different matter.

The world famous BBC has a well designed web page which tries to be as resourceful as it can be. One of the features (on the right hand side) of any news item is a tag called RELATED INTERNET LINKS. I have found this useful many a times. Now this news piece too has an internet link. Where to? A centralised health care trust in Birmingham!


Probably, now, every English or BBC website reader must learn from the Dutch experience that samosas are unhealthy.

Read the full article, how the journalist eases off the matter towards the end.

Typical British humor which usually is unable to extend from the cliché of double meaning jokes, heavily draws its inspiration from either animal genitila or tatti-pishaab.

My point -

The fair is one of the solitary and beautiful events I think every admirer of a rural life should be proud of. See one of the links for description. Why do you think that these Dutch tourists went there? and probably the BBC reporter too?

Come on Bee Bee See - Gimme a break.