Thursday, 25 December 2008

R.T.O. – Choice number 13

Probably like any other country, a new motor vehicle bought in India needs a registration number- to be then plated on the front and back as soon as possible. This unique number is obtained from the Road Transportation Office - popularly known as Arteo here in Gujarat.

There is an amazing provision for richer buyers, which because of the way I look, speak and dress I was expected to avail- i.e. for an additional fee of just 650 Rupees I can get a unique registration number of my choice. Now, when asked which one I needed, I fumbled, because I didn’t have anything specific in mind. So, I conveyed I didn’t need any choice number.

I then thought harder, and realised that all the previous vehicles bought in my family had numbers totalling to 13. People say that this is an unlucky number and the least in-demand number. Doesn’t looks nice. So, looking to influence this, I asked if this total can be avoided. A simple request, but I am told in return that this cannot be ensured. Because, the computer generates these numbers randomly.

And, I will be given the registration number after two days.

Tell me, what can be done?