Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Need a break

Where does the busy working man (woman included) of today wants to spend his holidays? Either on tranquil camping, or in safari parks, or the hotel destinations? The modern man, seems doesn’t want to or cannot take it anymore to care about. He just needs a break.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Letter to god - India Temple Stampedes

Temple stampedes are common in India. The legacy now more explicit, thanks to the easily accessible news media of today.

What guidelines the government should, if it does, issue to the crowded gatherings? And, more importantly, to the institutions called temples? A nice and a respectable letter for the latter to put up signs, provide sufficient exit routes, or install loudspeakers to remind the mass that escape is easy if an incidence happens - and a stampede wholly avoidable?

While the current shame and blame game will continue, we will forget as time passes, and somewhere it will happen again. Also, chances are, this ‘nice and respectable letter’ will be seen as state's interference on religious matters. Meanwhile, the god, safe, smiling and pretending, has his right hand raised emitting the unseen aural beam. Bend, is trying his best. He has his table tennis racquet, desperately trying to deflect the beam -
- Ping : Shouldn't the health ministry draft a memo and issue it asap?
- Pong : Or does the mass needs a divine intervention in the 21st century ?
- Ping : Is there another better way to deal with this?
- Pong : Just needs some common sense from mass and priests?

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Made in China

Nowadays, wherever I go to a new city to visit , let it be Los Angeles, Dubai, Rome or Delhi; I would, by-default, step in some or the other souvenir shop to have a glance what they are selling. Time would pass, and 5000 years later when the earth's plates would have shifted considerably, the archaeologists (or, as I prefer to call 'cosmico-archaeologists') would be coming back to earth to trace civilizations, and gather facts to clarify their current debate whether once they inhabited it or not; on digging would find a few inches big Taj Mahal, or Al Burj hotel, or the miniature Hopi Indian or lord Krishna or Big Ben. All having solidly engraved in them – ‘Made in China’.

Monday, 6 October 2008

An evening in England

Uniform grey sky,
from north to south and up high,
purple and brownish houses,
in silver screen left and right,
some splinters of red or blue,
a stray yellow somewhere in sight;

could have looked different,
but there aint any light.

Some droplets escaped the clouds,
difficult to sniff new air,
for a brief the sun shines,
confirms something has to exist,
right now it's bad luck,
one up head other right here,

only rescue this pub,
warm inside have some beer.

Ugh, I get some variation,
the only one perhaps,
historical but a well adapted,
system of class,
curious looks,
rednecks with their fags,
sophisticates with neck low,
either their apologies or their amuses,;

Chinese busy making Thai meals,
A Pole delivers the pizza,
Running north to south,
T (soft) thank you for a tip he didn’t expect,
The curtain falling,
Indian eating,
Weekend’s closing.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Adding to the wishlist

I wish I was a blog left blank…

With thanks, to, Pearl Jam