Sunday, 22 May 2011

Believe in (G)DOG(D)

The thought of God comes across Bend's mind many a times- and appears in series and again. Both blog pieces are liberation pieces, rich in creative content, and I look for some liberation too; so, one more add to the digital gob here.

Mostly, during my daily early morning walks, when there are lesser people on the road here in Bodakdev I get ample space and time, hence many opportunities to delve into myself and think, "Oh! where do you find God?" and I recollect the best answer I have found so far, "No need to fiddle right or left, being a living being your search is useless. Perhaps, the only best place to look for God is within you". Well, I must admit I have tried this but I think I did not and will not find anything. Then my eyes fall at my daily-morning-walks partner, Banjo, a Labro-dog, and he becomes an easier unknown to think about, “See him, he looks so busy in his own world, he doesn't need to talk to me. Another kind of living being and looking at him shows he is fine". Banjo is usually unchained during 99-point-99-percent of our duet walks, in other words, the Dog is left to his own devices. I call him Freedom Dog, for example- mostly, he himself would be dealing with the strays, people, traffic, but is mostly busy sniffing one thing or the other, or the real other that keeps him busy. But, that's all right. I get my share of pleasures of the morning walk by thinking this crap, and the dog has his own right to his share too- remember, mostly he is busy sniffing. Perhaps, it is this entire scene what God is all about.

Well, in really, I have nothing to say or claim more substantial than this about God, it is unnecessary, for there is no real feeling, only a self-testimonial, like this one.