Sunday, 14 March 2010

Post Angioplasty –in between the third and the sixth month

It has been four months since the expert cardiologist punctured both my thighs. A prompt response by him at Three A.M. in the morning had saved my life then, and I was and am grateful to him. I am also told that this span of three to six months post angioplasty is crucial, and so far, I believe has been more positive than I have expected.

Leave aside the matter of prompt emergency response service available in Ahmedabad, cardiology services here, just like the other areas, such as engineering - design - governance is affected by service delivery inefficiencies. A better example maybe can be the consumer electronic products market, where the shopkeeper will forget you as soon as you pay him. Three appointments old, I couldn’t get hold of my doctor this time. Some hanky-panky phone calls here and there, a delay by a week and ultimately using contacts in a ‘ther private hospital I could get hold of a good doctor.

I tell the new doctor I have been instructed to be aware of the number of medicines I consume now because of side effects, so in return he said he will change them to a little lighter. Then I ask him to do it considerably. Doctor changed, medicines changed, so body behavior changes too which put me into slight discomfort again like last time, say about a week. And, some good cost and time went in to all this. Waiting in reception provided assistant doctor first. A further wait, could have been unnecessary wait, then ultimately to the main-big-good doctor. In between a treadmill test of thirty minutes I gave up after ten because I had to walk it without shoes. The other test, ‘eco-test’, said heart beat was normal; kinda weird because a stent’d heart theoretically should beat slower than a normal one.