Sunday, 30 March 2008

Why is the 60,000 Waiver Misleading

What should Bend say? Reiterating my thoughts which I spoke earlier and my comments to Etla's article- in most of the newses I read lately that in spite of the Rs. 60,000 Crore waiver announcement, suicides aren’t stopping. 75 more casualties in Vidarbha (Raja Saheb’s work area) last month.

Bend fails to understand why everyone is linking the spate of suicides to the government’s much publicised recent loan waiver? It is still quite a hefty amount to be spent on each farmer even if 60,000 choose to die in coming years. The whole thing is not only immoral (quoted by Gurcharan Das) but also misleading.

Now, if this loan waiver does not totally relate to suicides, then it must be for some other reason. Will Mr. Chidambaram or someone enlightened care to explain?

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Holy Cow, Holy Christ

Vibrant Gujarat's chief minister Mr. Modi had another of his foreign trips recently. Sir went to Israel for a 3 day visit. So happens, some great inter-exchange of culture investments etc. Israeli dairy farms coming up right in Amul’s backyard. Also happening is guests Israelis shoved up after accused of obscenely dressed during Navratris. Patels too will have new bijnesses in place now. It's all happening, progress for both sides.

But hey!

Similarities resemble and debaters debate.

Sixty years ago the pure Aryans roasted a million Jews. Divide the figures by ten and move thousand miles south, the God fearing Hindus played their part by roasting the Mullas. Their same genocide leader now extends a handshake, and seems is happily reciprocated, by the descendants of the same decimated Yehudis. Also I can picture, sacred Hindu cows milked by advanced Jewish machines. Holy Cow or Holy Christ, Mr. Modi here has his chance to make some amends.