Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Classy Road

As I walked up the few hundred yards to my workplace from my rented house here in Dahod I listened to a Thin Lizzy's 'Cowboy Song', a much unheard classic, thanks to

Usually, my mornings after I wake up stay shitty for a few hours. This is one reason, perhaps I am so afraid to go to sleep the previous night. Therefore and admittedly, I am also an insomniac. And, so I
was really glad because of this song that happened to me this morning. Seeking a suitable APP for a daily classic song, which I couldn't find one, the dailysongfix website came up in my search. This drove my morning blues away to an extent, and now I am happy too that this site will give me some good daily fodder of at least  some good classics I will ever hear; so, that Dahod's conditions, including walking conditions, will stay good for me until my patience expires here in this town.

Now, as I walked this morning, the 'Cowboy Song' admittedly and weirdly drifted me to classic times; in those sixties and seventies. The narrow road I walked was dirty, droppy, and dusty; a rough and a badly maintained and kept surface. The path stank too because of cattle droppings and the house waste scattered typical of these classic times we live here in small towns of India. This rough small walk of few hundred steps were a road it seemed I walked within a classy time, which I evidently relished. And, to complete this five minute or so song I walked some more, taking a drift within my usual Dahod route, re-listening the song once again.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Good Cocktail

Do the two fields of Human condition , i.e. Development and Art make a good mix? Think about it, it can either be nicely cocktailed or it can go really bad. Asit is right in reminding me, that tradition is something to learn from, and what really have you done when you haven't added your art to it? Hence, where will development and empowerment come from otherwise?

These words inspire me to think about all the work we do with building houses in poor regions, rural settings and disaster situations. Shouldn't the rural artisans or regular contractors involved in daily work must be inspired to put art in their development work?

Really, how much of this cocktail can really go bad?

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Good Morning Gloominess

Is it isn't because of the gloom and the feeble struggles of lights trying to seep inside this room from the few windows it has that I can see the vapour rising from my new hot cup of tea?

Imagine what would happen when suddenly you find that this next morning you have your tea cup missing from its usual place?

Nothin. You just might wanna sketch it.