Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Testaments through Banjo- Smelling a conflict

It has been a while, and this notepad and open source pleasure pressure demands I put my impressions here. Impressions, which are my dear God Banjo's Testaments about dealing with life. Me and Banjo, one a dog and other a human being, we having been morning walking almost regularly a few kilometers everyday since a couple of years. While the master is on a recompensing mode, the dog is cool about his existence. Seems, the poor dog knows it all what he can do. For example, teach
his master some new bag of tricks on every walk. Tricks or techniques of either creating a conflict, or solving one. The latter one better, that is by running away from the space (/time) or falling asleep at the situation itself. The Dog would communicate with a blank stare, "Let time heal, you better stay out".

For example, early twilight walks when the sun is yet to rise and morning dew is yet to be defined, the stray dogs of Bodakdev would collectively bark at lonesome Banjo in groups, perhaps trying to assert street dominance. However, Banjo likes to be cool about it. The dog would not care or speak(bark), for one he cannot, and second he need not. He is busy and happy, sniffing, using his best skill, and communicating that smells are perhaps the best source of pleasure.