Thursday, 30 April 2015

Why Stop

I think I am missing on a beautiful activity on most of my days. That is, to spend time writing, and hence-on, also improving my hand on the craft; the craft of writing.

Call it critical writing, observational writing, creative writing or so on, perhaps this pause in my writing output can be called  Writer's Block, as famously put by many. And, I think it is an insulting remark. For, it shows- One, I have become lazy. Two, I probably don't enjoy writing. Or or And, three, the writer in me isn't confident that what I am doing is creative.

Then, I notice why people don't face this Writer's Block when carrying out writing activities, such as writing exams, filling out application forms or creating petitions. Why? Perhaps, simply because,  these things do not suffer from requirements of a creative force, or if I am right, a motivating creative force which will eventually create something new. And also maybe, creative writing is such a beautiful animal that though it cannot be undone it can always be redone, redone again or newly done again.

Genuine creative written matter, doesn't suffer from any block, I think; for anything written genuinely will create something new. Creativity just doesn't equates with any stoppage or a block. Writing is about flow of words, free flow or hindered flow but yet a flow. Hence, the term Writer's Block, is therefore clearly a weed in the process of creative writing; maybe an expression which is unnecessary.

Someone who likes writing should just keep writing, perhaps.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

What can Bhola do?

Bhola is in mid twenties and runs a small shop in a desolate single lane road which connects two obscure regular villages in a typical flat arid terrain in India. The ten by five feet mud shack doesn't serve any tea, but keeps some handy bidis, biscuit and chips packets, a bicycle repair kit, and perhaps some other handy items of local village consumption or a local passer-by's use. A shade next with a mud floor and a mud  bench is also handy to usual gathering of the youth in the hamlet.

Many reports on many youth like Bhola and my personal observations after meeting him show an evident charm in him towards innovative farming, participating in improvement initiatives in his village housing environment, and also nearby travelling as a desire. But for the farm hand and part time shop owner, lack of income opportunities accentuated by inclination to stay with own in the villages perhaps keeps Bhola still in the village, and continue a frugal life. Perhaps, as Bhola says, it could also be lack of good jobs in nearby cities, as they are hard to pursue because of inability to adjust to demanding working conditions, out of context exam questions and the question of settling in a new environment.

Seems for Bhola now, there is no-place exciting to go to -- or stay -- for any new ambitions, when really a lot can be achieved by him and his gang of scaterred youth in his own very hamlet he is living in these days.


In the the above lines, something's seriously wrong. Isn't it?