Friday, 20 November 2009

Today I had a dream

I don’t mean to misquote the beautiful quote above we all know about. Just contemplating here. The following two quick successive incidents affected me such that I felt so helpless I may choose to slowly forget about them. Or share it?

One is about the dream this morning. It wasn’t really a pleasant one. In a new city I was travelling to with my bag pack, when I got thirsty I buyed a one liter mineral water bottle, I was still thirsty and soon bought the second one. I struggled doing this buying and drinking on the hustle bustle road that as soon I was about to open the cap of the bottle it flew off. Thumping the ground it rolled and the water spilled. I ran after it and as soon as got hold of the bottle, saw the cap rolling too. I ran after the cap but couldn’t pick it since it stopped on top of some human or dog excreta – yellow or brownish yellow it was. I looked around and there was some more material too – some older, some fresher. And, also some other refuse too – such as vegetable refuse, refuse I couldn’t identify, discarded water bottles, and more plastic.

Soon, the newspaper I was having with my tea told me something about the human condition in the very city I live in (More here). The country – mostly urban part of it employs more than 1Million reported people to clean our daily shit. Give them a full bottle of rum and ask them to take a holy dip. Because we cannot think better, leave alone dream better.

Living here, cannot avoid either, neither the dream nor the newspaper. Both are shit cheap, and yes, what a shit coincidence early this morning.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Auto Strike

Somewhere around Sixty thousand Auto-Rickshaws of the Ahmedabad city went off the road yesterday. For a day they striked against a two-rupee a kilo increase in the gas prices. A policy level need maybe, threats of further strikes have also been conveyed.

Otherwise, on the road, people like me who commute in cars were a happier lot because the roads looked different and driving suddenly became a more pleasurable thing to do. Regular bus commuters were happier too, because no auto-rickshaw would cut across the lane and the bus won’t jerk of sudden brakes. But angrily they complained it took them a two hour longer waiting for the same buses - the buses wouldn’t stop as they were full of people. Some even took to pedaled commercial cycle carts. Rest, fifty percent weren’t affected at all, because they own bicycles and many don’t even need one.

Hah, some way to play politics, or play stupid, for the already cheap these affordable rickshaws in the city.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A Swine Flu lesson from a Chief

This incident makes me think in detail of a microorganism easily making his way through the VIP immigration gate of a country without being checked at all.

For some, it might mean an act of God, and for some even irony, but for me, reminds me that in these swine flu times I should be doubly sure of the source of my food - for example if the cook is not going to dip a meat curry ladle in a simple curry dish. And, oh! I should always wash my hands before my meal.