Sunday, 16 August 2015

Apparitions / Aberrations

I think most of the kids, most of them not yet nubile, just abruptly stop when their notebook's they are writing on nears the end of its pages. They get into a state of temporary soft shock. There is a pause, an interlude, and you can call it 'aberration' when kids are informed, and maybe call it 'apparition' in the case of creative ones. The next notebook then, or the next blog or the sketch is just better and maturer.

I hope all the kids will agree- We don' need no education! Apparitions / Aberrations are just as good.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

The interlude.

Although I don't need it, it is not in my hands that I can avoid it; and, running away isn't an option because I will be returning back. The intermission you have in the movie halls is snappy, but I don't mind it then. Rather, I like it most of the times. It is interesting- a sudden yap of light is all around you, and you are taken by surprise that you were not the only one watching the movie. The chiliad strangers in their seats around you, emotioned pretty much like you, and unsuccessfully trying to stretch their bodies, are looking in random directions collectively; and, are going to watch some more of the movie along with you. A few of these have impatiently risen up from their seats and are hopping away for refreshments or refreshing or refresh. After some minutes, the hall is filled again with an aroma- of popcorns mostly. So, I must thank the interval. As much as it is not needed it is will anyways come by for a short visit.