Monday, 29 June 2015

Flats to the Hills- Shamless Travel broadcast- May and June 2015 - 01

It is getting hotter day by day,
day after day is passing away,
The arid desert is left behind,
and mountains are coming to mind.
The brawling air conditioner gives needy resting,
makes complacent, sleep is in,
remembering past isn't that bad,
darkness or light, I wonder what is more exciting,
tucked in a city with a whiff of intelligence,
I dream of travel North,
where it must'be cooler,
while the dog sleeps, I shall pack my bags.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Dear Farmer, You should live my way (House and Money)

A farmer's acquaintances, friends and family wanted him to live in apparently a prosperous way. The farmer's shack did not appeal much to them. In addition to the regular grains and few vegetables the farmer was growing, his acquaintances, friends and family then asked him to grow some exotic crop. And, he did so. All loved the sweet watery tomatoes he grew. Filled with lost memories while dining they all then asked the farmer, rather advised him, to build a better house; and, so he did the same with some robust material he could find around- things like wood and mud mostly. Everybody, his acquaintances, friends and family pitched in with money, materials and labour, and the house was not only beautiful, it was the handsomest of the houses they had seen before.

Then the farmer was told that the world has progressed and stronger houses can be buit from magical materials and magicians knows as experts. These modern houses have value just like exotic crops. These houses cost more. The farmer owns a plenty of land, so, he can easily loan some in exchange of money or something else. The farmer liked the idea. The next house he built was a neatly done boxed house. It looked like a gift pack tied in ribbon.

Settled in the easy chair of his new sweet box house the farmer looks outside its larger windows, and ponders at the immense land which he still owns. In the porch he can see his family, and his cattle. The cattle sleeps in the old handsome house in the night. And, in the room there is another box, it has some left over change.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Dear Farmer, You should live my way (The Progress)

A farmer, not a long time ago, had plenty of land to farm on. With this he also owned a shack, a family and cattle. He used large bodies of accumulated water and exploited rains; and so, fed himself and family. Sooner, number of family and friends grew, and he fed them all. Everyone, along with the farmer, pitched in with growing of the food. He cropped, and all helped, and farming got better with time.

Soon, some in the family and acquaintances who did not find much fun in farming and raising cattle started doing other interesting work, such as craft, pearl diving, travelling, making houses, bridges and so on. They needed food to eat, so they exchanged either money or goods with the farmer for the food he raised. Time went by and the world around the farmer got bigger, and a little more complicated. People evolved into many other types of livelihoods such as, gamblers, dacoits, cops, robbers and so on. The notion of family, which was a group of people living together changed into a small group of people living together.

All in all the society prospered, everybody prospered, and the categorizations prospered too. The farmer gave a part of his land for others to live and still had  plenty of land to farm on. The houses became better, man walked on the moon; the world progressed, and so did farming. Lesser area of farmland gave more crops. And, along with the farmer, his cattle, his acquaintances, friends and family prospered; only, with some lesser land.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A short play on Service Tax Increase to 14%.

Since you have increased service tax , to now 14%, rather than efficiency of government you may be causing increase in corruption in government. Think about it, executing a government task has become more easier and flexible with more money which will be coming in.

Now are you going to teach me how to run the government Mr. Someone Smarty?

No no sir (shrugs) the Government is yours. I have nothing to do with it. I am just passing by, I noticed, so I told you. Can you see most people of your country operate in the informal service sector? Oh, you do! Can you see more people joining informal service sector? Oh! do you? Can you see people trying to break into formal service sector with genuineness? Do you? Probably, you could have reduced taxes to make things better for most of your people, and made your operators more accountable in the process. 

Ah ok, now that this has nothing much to do with you, you are a well to do guy, can you can just shut up and mind your own private businesses.

I don't run a private business Mr. Prime, do you?