Friday, 24 July 2015

Flats to the Hills- Shamless Travel broadcast- May and June 2015 - 07

Take it easy kid, my Papa's sis tells me,
your taxi's been arranged, so, no anxiety there, see.
Bua thinks anxiety is her own little child,
and should stay home all the time, with only her to mind.
So, I not dare any more opinion,
and straightaway head for oblivion,
seeking peace, raw greens of native home.
So, squeezed again, with my sisters and brethren,
the mountains deepen,
hills become lonelier, 
and hillier, and sunlight soft-lier .
The Gorges where sun is rare,
and the heat doesn't dare,
to mess with the noisy and frothy river,
sporadic waterfalls wett'n the land, so don't go near,
or you will get, 
rather turn around,
see the grasslands bound,
village kids jumping galloping, 
with gay'r dogs, mostly black fur, hopping,
bopping, bouncing, little silhouettes they roam,
solitary taxi stuffed with Pahadis nearing home.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Flats to the Hills- Shamless Travel broadcast- May and June 2015 - 06

A few days now delayed,
staring north at the mountain's face,
Mini me kneeling on Himalaya's knees,
and so, I so feel so free,
soothed, calmed, spirited, entertained,
next is another drive of half a day,
which will easily take away a whole day another,
to a town called Pithora-garh.
A scattered hill town,
so beautiful deserves the Babel crown,
the quality of life pretty high,
check for yourself, talk to locals and get to know why,
an airport on its way in one of its dell,
excavators are in full swing then air tickets will soon sell,
just wait only a few years locals say,
under some spell their eyes look pretty gay,
they are not at all in hurry and are happy to wait.
Until then let the street vendor men,
from India's plains dominantly Northern,
are violently selling their vegetables and other production,
while they have been nicely told by the administration,
that if they shout  to sell they will be fined, even forbidden,
for to enjoy living in these mountains,
a common man needs quiet and calm brethren,
whose natures are needed dignified and gentle,
call it need for comfort or call it solace, or living simple.
Anyhow, the poor from mainland with their excuse,
get back to hagling and shouting as the law becomes a little loose,
reminding me this is an Indian city afterall,
people are many, and all need basic food.
Better look are free and furry street dogs,
Tibetan Mastiffs, Pomeranians, Chinese and a mixed lot,
of who not.
Most are lucky, have a choice to sleep in a warm home,
a slopey curvy town where alcohol and its bars are forlorn,
you will shun this spirit evenwhen you are alone,
as starry skies are all around at the eye's level,
chilly night town, looks semb'led pretty well.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Flats to the Hills- Shamless Travel broadcast- May and June 2015 - 05

The eyes get foliage and sunlight scatters,
curvy and twisty slopes we drive and turn into tatters,
while the greeny chromes turn into black and white,
wind gets cooler and soon I am with my kind.
I head solo to the dusky temple,
and see my people are going home,
in the land of Gods where I hear,
Mr. Bob and his friends have roamed.
So, I bow my head see the city lights,
from the top, from the famed Kasar Devi shrine,
Soon I am asking my own people, these stangers,
a hotel where I can drink and dine.
In no time I find a paid homely entrepreneurial stay,
strong and heavy beers have come walking too,
dine in the company of frugal travellers,
they ask you if you have your hiking shoe.
I say yes, and thank you, and so long,
you have a long stay, and a long way,
I am heading home, which is near,
bus is cheaper and expensive are taxi keeping hustlers.
There is no stopping with them,
like water flows, flows cream, Mcdowels and rum.
Another day has passed by,
new friends and old brothers show up and show,
and I can't be bothered why,
For, days are limited I know.
And, now I must head home,
but the shadows here, like silohuttes in Delhi, are attractive,
banana trees, other trees, their leaves and weed,
around are singing,
faith is the only friend,
rest are transcending.
And, I am to remind,
Wait, Dogs? Where are they?
Why didn' I talk to any testerday and today?
Why not even a hello or a bark on the way?
The brother hustler tells me,
here they all have become urbane,
remember Dajyu you have only reached until,
the knee of your mountains.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Flats to the Hills- Shamless Travel broadcast- May and June 2015 - 04

The song could have been pale,
the words flat,
Eye S Bee Tee, a beautiful name
with even a beautifuller stat,
Of travelling Indians mostly,
poor, rich, destitute, and lonely.
Even hawkers will eventually head home,
yet Eye S Bee Tee will stay like foam.

The bus engine roars,
old highway isn't empty anymore,
real bad food in an expensive halt,
only slumber can get rid of this fault.
A snap and dawn it seems has come,
Great Himalayas are in view, some,
an obvious sense of awesome.
Dream is it or has the bus stop come?
It doesn't matter, a much needed break it is,
I step out of the bus and see,
Paharees families in bunches squatting,
waiting to migrate for greener living,
town litter piled neatly by the side,
like a choir they are singing,
we will pick odd jobs or work as labourers.
And I can't understand why leave the land to its elders.
Brother asks to stay for a few days,
and I hesitate,
I say next time maybe,
hills this time are really calling and I am desperate.
Can you hear the mountain mastiffs roaming freely there are Howling,
Can you hear them brother? They are calling!
We both turn our heads and look at the misty mountains,
Silence sings about blue birds, wolves and its fountains,
This small town we wander quick and soon it is noon,
in the squeezed shared cab there is enough room.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Flats to the Hills- Shamless Travel broadcast- May and June 2015 - 03

The airplane it dangl'd, the passengers they tumbel'd,
I rambled, I talk'd random, I sketch'd,
I taxied, I walk'd,
soon to be with brothers and friends.
Hanging around getting my pending urban share,
soon I realize comforter can be cooler air.
They call this place Delhi,
I call it fuck-it.
The nights they flow by and turn into weeks,
the brilliant silhouettes I decide I must leave.
The heat has become overwhelming,
even the air conditioners are not helping.
People are loosing calm I can see,
the Dogs already have, see,
see their teeth.
See their eyes,
see the sign,
or run away,
take the pills,
fuck it,
say, Good Bye dear Dog, I am heading to the hills.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Flats to the Hills- Shamless Travel broadcast- May and June 2015 - 02

The wonderlusty green lawns with mounds,
I pick up somebady's guitar and pluck some sounds,
handy as the guitar is, so I sing more, Harry Mclintock's,
Big Rock Candy Mountain- you don't need any socks,
neither any money. There, a burley bum by the shady lanes,
of the sugar canes,
in this month of May...

So on this hot summer day,
A rucksack and another bag on my back,
I say good bye temporarily to Jack,
he wags his tongue along with the tail,
I kiss him a lick, and he licks me back a kiss,
I will miss you I tell him, and then I sneak out, quick.