Monday, 29 October 2012

Ahh It hurts

Most houses I see are ugly,
cursed by dampness from toilets,
and need rains to be cleaned,
seeing this,
Ass it hurts, for it has been stitched.

All artisans they have ditched me,
my singers and comedians too,
movies don't seem real anymore,
TV too,
Ass it hurts, for it got a wound.

Friends around me aren't there anymore,
even emails they have not wrote,
for a long time,
Ass it hurts, it has broke.

Common man's politicians could never prove their worth,
best to abandon them than to fear,
or hope for them to least get decent,
what can one do,
Ass it hurts, for it now has a tear.

God must have been crazy,
no need to care he exists,
you will only look up or inside, found him?
Just join your hands,
Ass it hurts, for it has been fixed.

Man, when will he know,
he has to do everything himself,
people around are only there to rhyme,
Ass it hurts, to heal it will take time.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Time for Change

Move on boss, become someone new,
your life is torn, you can only sew.

Learn from the ache, learn from the loss,
of the money, limb  or time, boss.

Get your guts to say, 'no, I will not',
evenif I feel the urge to juice, I will not.

Connect more to the empty, become large,
make heart a cave, not like home but dark.

Move on boss, become everyone a new,
first it was straight, now a little askew.

Inspired by Bob's Everythings Broken

paining leg, aching heart,
paining head, aching fart,
paining hand, aching nerves,
paining ass, aching valves,
paining knee, aching tendons,
everything is paining,
everything aching,
Thanks to you random.

From the Hospital Bed

They say, no pain no gain;
so, laying in bed I am thinking again,
various forms it can change,
evolve and then run into drain.
A momentary call for creating something,
shrill, pitch, note, tone out of nothing,
pain contains expression,
for a life being well lived.