Friday, 21 August 2009

the domesticated fowls

Three in the night (or you may call it morning) is the least crowded time on Amdavad’s roads. You rarely hear any reckless horning and the city dogs take over. There is no formula to get them quiet, except for getting rid of them, or adopt a more humane option- pray for their gangs to go to sleep.

For you all who used to, but now don’t live in Amdavad anymore, and are occasionally self- reminded of this chai sutta ka galla ‘Geerish’ at this hour, allow me to also remind you of this unnamed fowl, who loves to announce a new morning every morning. Right from this hour at three, he always gets confused, and can be heard, because of the bright sodium lamp he tries to sleep under. The owner tells that a fowl would live as long as 30-35 years. And, on the compound wall now, there not only sits one but three. All similar looking and collectively, on the kesaria-hanuman temple’s compound wall, colouring this quiet night under the bright sodium lamp.
p.s. Kesaria: Hindi language word transliterated, is an adjective for ‘Saffron’ colour.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Some entertainment

Saturday- a couple of young American cops on regular patrol fucked up a little, for they didn’t know who Bob Dylan was, and took Mr. Zimmerman to his hotel until he could prove himself as someone genuine. Sunday - it was Sarukh Khan’s turn. He could not fare better.

US government agency, USCIRF has announced India on its watch and monitor list because the latter fails to protect its religious minorities.

<USCIRF link 1 : Indian Flag – For enchanced knowledge, one can click further on the flag>
<USCIRF link 2 : Newpaper references on this issue>

Along with the editorial writers and journos in number of Indian newspapers, brown man will now borrow black man’s lines and sing in a bluesy tone– “before you accuse me ... take a look at your self”.

Perhaps, American government now needs to establish an another agency which it may call - USCENCECA (United States Commission for Entertainment Needs of its Cops and Elimination of Confusion if he is an Artist).

Monday, 10 August 2009

Travel to Leh

Biking to Leh (Ladakh) is told (or sold) as a dream trip to heaven by the people who have done it in the past. Recently, I joined the club too, for along with old pals Pankaj and Sunnu, each one of us on our bikes, totalled around 2500 kilometers within two weeks. The route from Delhi to Manali making it to Leh, and then back route through Kargil Srinagar Jammu, provides a good snapshot of today’s India.

The trip made me realise how nice people we Indians are as well as the worst assholes. The free India I experienced on its bumpy roads and rare landscape was the best fine and beautiful when my head was tilted up a little. With this tilted-up view, the mountains and valleys on my right or left or the horizon, and the unspoilt skies were simply breathtaking. But yes, watch out not to lower down your eyes, otherwise the environmental and human unconcern gets stuck in the corner. Rest was the usual India - simultaneously in motion and static, caring and uncaring, spoilt and unspoilt.