Friday, 19 September 2014

The Time Warp of Capacity Building

The so called capacity building in development slash empowerment programmes in India appear to be in a time warp. 'Capacity building', a term which aims for human development is pretty much an intangible term made tangible through mostly grant-in-aid type of projects, and with a major chunk focussing on trainings for skill development; and in the cases of poor and vulnerable, for income generation. In addition, it is slowly becoming apparent that the likes of Aid agencies, Government and Non Government Organizations (NGO's) who design such capacity building policies and implement them have perhaps become dated entities, or own some sort of a secretly kept time-machine to travel swiftly through time to know and be enlightened about the problems a developing society faces and opportunities it might have.

So, I bendly ask the time warpers- if they factor for 'time' as a component in their so called 'capacity building' programmes, or not? If not, perhaps with changing time you can think of including it. As time becomes an important -- from an intangible to a tangible -- term in today's India, instead of more than helping anyone anymore, it can , or has, become a factor representing degeneration. One gets a little more dated as time passes. Therefore, the so called capacity building projects offering benefits without a denominator of time should be simply considered obsolete. Even the secret time-machine is not of much use here, because even a time-machine may need amends with time.

Think again. About, the so called 'Capacity Building' programmes. What progress is an individual expected to make unless he has been equipped to compete and improve over time?

Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Chequer (folk song)

I am black and I am white, simultaneously,
I am juxtaposed with myself, clearly,
I can be visible and I can hide, simply,
because, I am, I am, a chequer.

I can cut a curve, sew a patch, easily,
I can be a word or can destroy one, comfortably,
I am right and I am wrong, knowingly,
because, I am, I am, a chequer.

I am a game and I am a board, playfully,
I can be steps, and I can be stepped on, laterally,
I am boring and all this while I can be amusing, truly,
because, I am, I am, a chequer.

I can smile and all this while I can be sad, cheerfully,
I am false and I am true, paradoxically,
I am me and I can be you, think-of-it,
because, I am, I am, a chequer.

hey hey hey hey, I am, I am, a chequer.