Tuesday, 21 January 2014

In the Lonely Lighthouse

Bob is juxtaposed, half asleep. He has battled daytime dust by taking baths a few times in the evening. Laying a fresh now, and half sleepy, he has been intermittently alerted by persistent honking from incoming chartered boats. Having taken up a decently paid job in an alternate profession Bob the lighthouse keeper, a rookie now, also has to organize incoming boats, make sure they are lined in their allocated bays, and are anchored to the bollards. He uses his neck hanging whistle and directs incoming boats to be parked with waving and pointing of his hands, sometimes both hands. He finds this new job a little irritating, for he doesn’t like to be disturbed much. The customary hellos with the visitors at the dockyard who like to keep within themselves aren’t fully satisfying either.

Bob will prefer to spend most of his time lying in his sleeping bed which is placed in the centre of the room. The minimal room otherwise has a carpet, a bookshelf and a couple of suitcases which also serve as wardrobe cabinet. The other rooms in the lighthouse are a compulsory bathroom, and a kitchen with half unused cabinets, a cooking gas, a dining table and some chairs. There are no wall hangings, artefacts or posters in this lighthouse accommodation, except for a wall calendar of a mini scooter selling company which has all the months hence dates of the year and a silhouette figurine graphic of a popular movies actress playing guitar sitting on the scooter, except a solitary guitar occasionally played, except a laptop bag, and except books and magazines mostly read lying about. The essential basic items which a single man needs for daily living don’t matter much, for Bob is juxtaposed; he is half asleep.