Thursday, 16 July 2009

One evening in a pub

While they both were having their pints and I having mine.
You say – I will be alright – say – yeah – everyone else – you know what I mean….... text …. I mean ..… no reply ….. no answer ……. duck duck duck ….. many times ….. rhythm in ……. duck duck din duck duck din ….. (this pause lasts for say five minutes) … no man …….. after chattering for 5 – 10 minutes, they have been silent for more than 15 minutes …… the woman goes to loo, the man sits here alone - and I think I should help him, look at his face and oh, he doesn’t looks pitiable at all. Plus he is thumping his leg to the music, some stoopid pop song of which I can make out only one word and that is beautiful, which she just keeps repeating….. asshole takes out his cell phone – oh, I should take out mine too …. ok let’s leave it to them and stop. and look outside the window and try to feel as if I don’t care. Oh no, feel.. hey that guy went out to loo but the woman looks sentimental, angry, …... lets leave it here, and try concentrating back to the window. Concentrate? What the fuck……. Just be yourself, calm down, put your phone on the table, expect your phone call from Cervantes, and most important enjoy – what if you got only a window.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Little flowers

In my neighbourhood, the name of schools Rachna (Creation) or Prakash (Light or Radiance) sound just brilliant. When someone calls a school, a sector-two school or Sola school, then also it is fine because they are purely named after the places they are located in. Or, similar are the ones named after saints or freedom fighters. But what, when, in these times of rapid development, when starting and running a school is shit easy, and you see names coming up, such as - Asia English, or Ahmedabad International, or (one so absurd that I cant even recall it and prompted me to write this blog), or democracy school?

Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Indian I.D.

Why suddenly I don’t hear about it in the newses anymore? Is the project scrapped or the money vanished? Nilekani (Yes, the chief of Infosys) out of work or he is keeping quiet? No, there is nothing like that, because the thing has existed since sometime (wikip). This issue as news headlines recently, only informed and brought forward that the tax coffers are coughing out precious Five hundred billion rupees on this. Because the need for an individual identity for e-governance is too important to outweigh the much debated privacy issues [try google]. Well, should I say I am not worried, because my name, again like in my passport, pan-card, driver’s license and election card, would be something different again.

If the task takes ten years, the project is asking for 5,00,000 correct entries daily and smoothly done for all ten years. Thus, can’t it be argued that this money and energies is better spent on something more useful? For example – provide ‘City Civic Centers with their own dustbins?'

The other day, the customer service kid repeatedly communicated to me that it will take forty-five days for the mobile phone company (in my case WhaTheFone ) to stop sending unsolicited promotional type messages. Receiving such messages, a minimum of five a day, like other users, err… I mean sufferers; I have convinced myself to enjoy reading what all I receive. The only pain is deleting them. Love, Chat, Dosti, UK-Girls are being offered to remotest tribals across the country too, who, if they don’t own a mobile phone have to worry about their regular daily meal and firewood again.

Wonder what impact this has on everybody’s chillen too?