Sunday, 11 April 2010

I sat and all that

I wouldn’t have posted this clip, had not my cousin laughed riot and told me to do so. He recently passed his school 12th and is buried deep, I mean he sits on his chair and desk with his gaze fixed and back bent trying to grasp everything to pass his JEE, I SAT and WHAT NOT entrance exams. His inspiration is to become an aero engineer. He innocently asked me why I hadn’t put this one up on YouTube or somewhere. I didn’t know why but maybe he makes sense. Nothing is perfect in this world, so this one.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Putting women into prostitution

If you forget yesterday and tomorrow, and concentrate on today, a Sunday, and this time and outside the comfort zone the society passing by, becoming moderner, wants and needs, somewhere also comes an either uninformed or ignored issue, or more clearly, about a particular class of women, famously known as prostitutes. Whores in other words, conveniently left by the Indian mob to a backseat, not in terms of lack in shouting or talking about, but in sheer quality of what we think about them. In the Indian TV debates, even the best elite representatives fiercely fighting, I mean arguing, fiercely, with conservatives, religious of any religion, that Ms. Spears or Madonna maybe are bad examples our society is being exposed to.

While, whatever, India apes from the west, and at the same time gets scared of, on the TV is visible that art transfer takes a decade, exactly a decade, therefore, staying behind by ten years. Swinging comes to Bollywood in seventies when Hollywood had already left for experiential psychedelia. Notice now the popular Dance-India-Dance hip-hop boogie-woogying, exactly a decade behind.

Or, if TV is a bad example, go and walk the streets of Ville Parle or Juhu, particularly at ten in the night. Next to the Juhu thana (Hindi for police station) or the Big B Bollywood’s Bangla most turns and corners has girls, not older than twenty-five, rural girls, kidnapped or enticed or coaxed to a more comfy life. I doubt their skills in negotiating a deal, also to be occasionally harassed by sex deprived autowala brothers, because in recessionary times in Mumbai, customers are tough to come by, which means more waiting time.

Unless legalized to work, whether they have to (trafficked or by choice) or they would like to, perhaps we all know that it is most rudimentary to respect women across the country who leave their homes to earn for their own, mostly rural women as I said. Maybe as lowly as freedom to beg which this country offers as freedom package there could be similar understanding towards the issue of the right to work as sex-workers. Entertainment transfer across democracies may take a decade, but attitude transfer in next few decades is too good to be plausible. Let us stay who we are and please respect women whatever situation they are in.

Don’t forget this song (Lyrics)