Thursday, 6 January 2011

Lack of ready food options for pets and owners in Ahmedabad

Bend recently was watching TV with Banjo, some foren channel, a programme called, ‘Heavy Petting’ in a channel called NDTV Good Times, and he discovered humans employed, to taste, to do something called pedigree quality testing. The same way he had heard of lipsticks tested on pigs lips before they are out in the market.

Either loners or busiest people on the earth keep dogs. They both do not live with their families mostly, so find two advantages in pedigreed food. One, complete nutrition; second, negligible effort required to feed the pet.

The numbers of loners or busy people increase in a city. Bend and Banjo live in comfort of Amul’s city, Ahmedabad, where half of the dogs are also vegetarians. Their owners insist and are quite convincing that a dog can eat whatever they would otherwise eat normally.

Banjo usually complains, by making a disgusted face, how pedigreed animal food tastes lame compared to the tastier options of cooked food or meat. Bend can’t help, for the local market cannot provide the variety. He barks back at Banjo because the latter wouldn’t care how human beings feel about eating the same cornflakes regularly, while watching TV.