Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Thoughts for this Republic Day

Smart people changed the camera angle, and it all started to look different thereafter. Many people I know, many from my family, had lived lives in the republic seeing it from their own personal camera angles and viewpoints. Another viewpoint is reduction of hours spent on celebration of a republic and its showcasing. Now, it looks like a drill, something necessary that is, and a little of entertainment with it. The whole concept of a country, the concept that provides and props and unites amongst many similar things need changing, for the times they are changing. No, I don't have anything new to sing, for it is a wheel, so it will spin. A wheel I agree can be a concept too but when more than a billion unite for ethics and stand for who they are in a righteous manner, become more than humanity. The country or the republic emerges as more than a concept, it becomes more than reality too. A hyper reality. Worth living, I guess. 

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