Sunday, 20 December 2015

Pop Art - Some thoughts

Pop Art is a well known form of art after it was noticed and accepted in British 50s and American counterpart ways as a movement. In my opinion, infusion and inclusion of popular culture expressions into a work of art is how it is manifested finally. In India, the dusty and hot East, Pop Art has been existing in abundance after the movement, mainly from the post independence (post colonial?) filmy cultures, and subsequently Mumbai's Filmistaan becoming one of the major hubs. While, Filmistaan has moved ahead with modern times and embraced modern technologies, and is now called BollyWood, the importance of Art , 'Pop Art', in this case has been left somewhere behind in the backseat. In this myriad of increased demand, consumption, pomp and money, Mr. Pop shows up infrequently now. So, the good thing is Pop still exists, and provides limitless opportunities which can be Popp'd, !

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